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Visual/musical generative instrument Gengen raises an interactive experience that refers the generation and the constant feedback of information. The user experience through this instrument, a direct relationship between music and visuals which also shows the flow and constant causality between intentional (person) and generated data (machine). The main feature of Gengen can be found at the time of interaction with the instrument itself;It performs a double generation; sound and image created by the user, cause at the same time, new images and sounds generated randomly by the computer. A sequential application allows the user to experiment in an easily and fun way with their own creations. The interaction takes place "in the air" thanks to Kinect sensor and it is complemented with a MIDI controller with which you can modify most advanced aspects of image and sound. In this way, the sound and visual creations intertwine and correlate constantly, always obtaining a different result. Work in progress. Open Software: Pure Data, and Proces- sing. Sensor Kinect. Authors: Rocío Márquez, Daniel González and Javier Guajardo Alanís. Has been exhibited in: 14-06-12 to 16-06-12 SÓNAR International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art CCCB (Barcelona) 01-06-12 to 09-06-12 Sound and Visual Exhibition Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona) 01-12-11 to 31-12-11 Visual Arts Exhibition Golferichs (Barcelona)